Picasso at the Kunsthaus Zurich – the App of the Show

To mark its centenary, the Kunsthaus Zurich is paying tribute to Pablo Picasso, the towering genius of the twentieth century, with a comprehensive homage to a sensational show. This was the artist’s first ever museum-based retrospective, held in 1932. The exhibition, which ran from September to November of that year at the Kunsthaus Zurich, had been put together by the Spanish painter in person – a revolution in the art world. It was new for the works in a museum-based exhibition to be selected by the artist himself, rather than the museum director. Now, around 100 of the best pieces from that show are on display at the Kunsthaus once again – a unique experience!

The App of the current show tells you more about the stupendous exhibits on display now and the retrospective of 1932, as well as Picasso’s life and work.

The application contains:

  • the entire audio guide to the exhibition
  • lots of photos of the 1932 retrospective
  • a facsimile of the contemporary catalogue to browse through
  • a detailed biography of the artist
  • photos from Picasso’s visit to Zurich and other periods of the Master’s life
  • information about the centenary of the Kunsthaus Zurich
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