What kinds of information does cultY provide?

cultY tells you about the main sights, the history and the culture of your destination, with audio reports, recent and historical photos, time lines and offline map sections, as well as a service data bank with addresses, opening times, entrance fees, web links and public transport routes. As an Audio Guide, cultY provides you with reliable and entertaining information about selected sights, but does not contain data on accommodation, eating out or shopping.

After downloading cultY, will I have to pay roaming charges when I am abroad?

No. The application is designed to allow all of the information to be called up offline as well. That way, no further charges are incurred for a guide after it has been downloaded.

How much space does cultY need?

Depending on which city guide you choose, cultY Berlin takes up approx. 140 MB in the memory of your iPhone.

I don’t own an iPhone. Can I use smart phones from other manufacturers?

For the time being, cultY can only be installed on an iPhone. Versions for other smart phones and operating systems are being planned.

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